OM Soul Custom Screen Print Package

$ 55.00

Boss Babes!

Have awesome shirt designs (or want to shirts for your brand or event) but don't know where to start, who to contact or have time to actually learn to screen print yourself?

Well, I am here to offer my services!

I've made it incredibly simple and cost effective.  There is only an order minimum on 5 shirts and max of 50 since I hand screen each shirt myself. I can't do large quantities of over 50 in one order, but I can over time.

Here is how it works:  Send me your design, I create the screen(s), you choose what style of shirts, colors & sizes from my wholesalers website (samples available), I print the shirts and then ship them directly to you.  They are yours to sell or for your specific use.  I don't hold any rights to your design.  Everything is yours.  If you would like to order more shirts, you can do that at any time and won't need to pay the screen/materials fee again, only for the cost of the shirts.

Pretty cool right?

Here's the fee breakdown:

The $55 deposit which you pay here covers the screen & materials it costs to create and burn the screen for use.  Most designs only require one screen.

The cost of shirts will be the wholesale cost plus $5 per shirt for ink and labor.  For example if the shirt costs $3.75, your price per shirt ends up being $8.75.  Wholesale cost of shirts can be anywhere from $3-8, more for pullovers & sweatshirts/hoodies.

The turn around time will be 2-4 weeks depending on size of order.  The average order should only take about 2 weeks to ship.

Email to get started.  The cost of shirts will be invoiced after you have chosen your quantity, styles, colors and sizes for printing.

I will only take a small handful of custom requests at a time, so if it is sold out, send me an email and I'll put you on the waiting list for when a spot opens up.

*discounts and coupon codes not available for custom screen printing.