OM Soul Boss Babe Training: Shopify Website Creation

$ 500.00

Doing what I love to do brings me so much JOY! 

If you’re ready to level up your small business, I’m here to set-up your new professional website, secure your domain & teach you the ins & outs of your new shop!

I spend my days exactly how I want and I've legit never been happier in my life.  I know many of you want to start some sort of online business using your passions but aren't sure where to begin. There are so many of us wanting to get away from the 9-5 routine and slip into something that fills our day with more freedom and magic.  Maybe you're just thinking of something on the side to add to your income, or looking to eventually make your business your full-time career.  Either way, I'm here to help turn you into the Boss Babe you want to be.

This is for boss babes who are ready to move from an Etsy shop to their own professional website! If you have no idea where to begin on creating your own website, I’M HERE TO DO IT FOR YOU!

Quick Background on me: I started my first shop on Etsy in 2011.  Originally making intentional gemstone jewelry.  I then taught myself to screen print and started selling my tees.  It was all trial & error.  I didn't have any friends already doing it, social media like Instagram was still fairly new so there weren't kind online figures to reach out to for coaching or advice.  Influencers didn't exist yet!  I made ALL the mistakes!  I've tried everything and I learned on my own.  BUT I was also almost instantly successful!  I was asked to do charity fundraisers for celebrities I am friends with and they were happy to wear my goods and promote me at their shows or events.  Pretty sure I saw my stuff on TV a couple of times.  I was asked to be interviewed for Gabby Bernstein's former site "Her Future" which brought me a ton of attention.  I was approached by bloggers to do features and my online popularity soared as did my sales.  I didn't have time to do anything but work.  (Still hadn't figured out that work /life balance or took any self-care time...)  After 2 years, I became too exhausted and decided to take a short break.  In that time, I helped good friends of mine launch their shops.  They were all new to online sales, purchasing wholesale, shipping guidelines, etc., and was like the seasoned pro.  Answering even the most obscure random questions at any time.  They all went on to have super successful shops of which I was always proud to promote.  

I re-opened my original shop on my nonprofit's website and started my 2nd Etsy shop, OM Soul Shop at the end of 2013.  I seemed to draw in my tribe right away which is constantly growing.  Through those years I kept my day jobs as Arts Educator and Marketing Manager for an Arts School.  Due to my 70+ hour work weeks, spending my nights, weekends and literally ANY free time I had working on OM Soul was a slice of heaven!  I kept dreaming of the day until I could just run my shop full time.  I got my yoga teacher certification and with that, I resigned from the majority of my hours just keeping a few hours a week to teach making OM Soul and my nonprofit, Love Infinitely Project my full-time career.

I designed the Boss Babe Program to make opening up your own professional shop as easy and hassle free as possible.  There is so much to learn and I've already made all the mistakes so you don't have to!

This service is to set up your own domain on SHOPIFY and create the most gorgeous professional looking website. You will receive:

  • Getting your domain locked down and website mapping figured out.
  • Creation of your website: setting up a great landing page, about page, featured items, product descriptions, THE WORKS.
  • We will work together to create design elements and plan the aesthetic of the shop.
  • If you hand-make your products, creating a timetable for turnaround time that is realistic for you while still making the customer happy.
  • Learning how to track inventory.
  • Tips on making the most of what you've got to showcase your items.
  • Photography and flat-lay tricks.
  • Launch of the shop.  Building excitement and anticipation is key!
  • I will also help with getting your business, resale license & acquire wholesale accounts with vendors if you don’t have it already.
  • Defining and implementing of shop policies for customers.
  • Help with all aspects of SHIPPING (honestly the hardest part!)
  • General maintenance of the shop once it's up and running.  Fulfilling your first few orders and dealing with customer communication.

I am here to create the ideal website with you and do the nitty gritty work. We will bring YOUR vision to life.  You’ll also get my advice, I have a background in marketing and can help you come up with a killer plan.  Like, tips to keep your social media audience engaged and whether it's worth to advertise through influencers or bloggers...  I've been doing this a long time so not only do I have training that can help, but I've LIVED through all of this with TWO SHOPS so I am overflowing with advice!

We will have a lot of fun too!  I have also set up a support group to help keep you inspired and motivated through this process.  The Boss Babe Gang is always going to be there for you even after our "training session" is over.  You can also find us over on IG: @bossbabegang.

Website design & creation is $500.

This includes domain fees & Shopify set-up fees. Website themes that cost extra will have an extra fee.

I will only take a small handful of boss babes at a time, so if it is sold out, send me an email: and I'll put you on the waiting list for when a spot opens up.

*discounts and coupon codes not available for any Boss Babe Training.

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