Do you really hand screen-print EVERYTHING by yourself?

Yeah girl. All shirts are screen printed to order by me and only me. Woot!  The reason for that is I just have TOO MANY designs to hold inventory. There are actually thousands of possible variations of color, design, style combos available in the shop.  For that reason, I choose to print everything myself.  I also hand dye, tie dye and acid wash the materials with eco-friendly dyes.  I love what I do and I'm constantly coming up with new design ideas.

So what's the timeline of an order?

Glad you asked!  Once you place an order I put in the order for the blanks.  I do this every few days.  Once the shirts arrive (typically 2-3 days), they are printed, dried and heat-set.  They are then wrapped up with lots of love and shipped off to you!  The entire process takes about 7-10 business days but can take longer.  Or shorter!  I do always have a few basics on hand at all times and a tiny bit of inventory.  I have been known to ship same day.  Like. A. Boss.  (note: this rarely happens but it does happen!)  If I ship your order the same or next day, BUY A LOTTO TICKET.

What if I need something faster?

Just shoot me an email and I will work my buns off to make it happen.  Email me before you purchase so I can let you know if that is a possibility.  Send to: info@omsoulshop.com.

Tell me everything about shipping!

Ok!  Once your order ships, you'll receive tracking info.  I stalk your packages and keep my eye on them making sure they make it into your hands.  The cost of shipping depends on: the weight of your package AND the country you are located in.  US based orders will ship USPS First Class unless they are over 13 oz which AUTOMATICALLY bumps them up to Priority shipping.  Which is more expensive.  The shop calculates shipping based on these two factors and gives you the option of bumping your package up to Priority shipping.  Please note this does not speed up the time that your order will ship, but will speed up the the delivery from day shipped.  (If that makes any sense lol.)  And no, I have no control (but god I wish I did) over the US Postal System.  Once I drop it off, it's in their hands. If the package is missing but showing as 'delivered', the only option is to contact your actual postal carrier and local post office.  And neighbors.  9 times out of 10, Susan next door accidentally got it and forgot to tell you.  

Ok but what about International Shipping?

I've shipped to every continent successfully!  (Except Antarctica, but one day...)  And let me tell you, it's both easy as pie and tricky AF.  Canada, the UK, Australia and some European countries are extremely quick.  Like almost as fast at US shipping.  Each country has a different shipping cost.  One shirt will ship for around $9-12 and heavier packages over $15 USD.  If I could teleport, I'd just pop over and deliver them but unfortunately, I haven't figured it out.  South America, Asia, Africa and other European countries have been significantly slower fyi.  For Africa I recommend using UPS or DHL instead of the postal system.  Ah, and then there's these pesky international tariffs and some shady happenings in customs. You will be liable for all import duties, customs and taxes. These will be due at the point of, or after delivery.  (Though I try my HARDEST when filling out the customs form to ensure that does not happen.)  However, please be aware that I do not have any control over any duties, customs and taxes levied by the country your order is being shipped to. I have no idea what the cost will be as these charges can vary and as the packages that go through customs are randomly selected.  *shakes fist in the air*

What about returns, exchanges and cancellations?

Yes, yes and yes.  Returns can be made but the item(s) must be in their original condition never worn or washed.  Same applies to exchanges.  You will have to pay for the return shipping and I will take care of the shipping cost for the new item.  Cancellations can be done up to 48 hours of purchase, no later.

Cool, so how do you print shirts?  What do you use?

It's easy and I can teach you!  Ok, it's not easy but I can teach you.  (Check out Screen Print Training if you're crafty!)  The entire process is eco-friendly and I use water-based inks only.  However, because the inks are water-based they might fade a little over time with multiple washings.  I recommend washing your shirts inside out.  Having said that, I've washed my OM Soul shirts a million times and some of them are like 5 years old and they still look perfect.  But I say, err on the side of caution.

Speaking of which, why is the white ink on my dark tee kind of opaque?

Again, it's the water-based ink.  Only white plastisol/plastic based inks get inked totally solid.  But water-based do a great job and are friendlier to the planet.  And the white ink is less likely to fade than black or color inks.  *hi-5!*

And where do the actual shirts come from?

My friends!  No joke.  I've been working with my wholesalers for years and I've gotten to know the people who work in the factories and warehouses.  I pick up locally for ALL of my wholesalers.  They are all sweat-shop free (of course) and most of the items are made here in DTLA.  *cue California Love*  A few styles are manufactured internationally but by the same wholesalers who are committed to 100% sweat-shop free factories, locally sourced eco-friendly materials and pay fair wages to their workers.  So we pay a little more for our shirts, but it's for a great reason!

 What if I'm not sure what size I need to order?

I do my best to attach a size chart (if one exists) to every listing and describe the fit of that particular style, as they are all different.  Some run small, some large, some true to size.  I will make sure to let you know in the listing if that is the case and an item runs too big or too small.  Still not sure?  Send me an email or shoot me a DM on IG.  I'll help you out!

So what else do you do?

Well, when I'm not covered in ink or rushing to the post office 2 minutes before they close with disheveled hair and still in pj's (really wish I was kidding), I run a few other projects, a nonprofit, teach dance, get sweaty in hot yoga, sometimes teach the yoga, write a lot, rescue animals, plan adventures, go on said adventures, volunteer (mostly with kids or animals), manifest cool shit, travel to exotic locations, figure out ways to make the world a better place, binge-watch my favorite shows (holla atcha girl if you watch Stranger Things or Younger), plotting my next Instagram post, hang out with my cats and dog, making/eating all the vegan food and incessantly tagging my best friends in ridiculous memes.  So you know, stuff.

Do you have any life advice?

Sure do! 

I believe that the blueprint to your destiny is written in your heart.  Your entire life you are guided by the things you love.  Those things you are inexplicably drawn to.  Sometimes they are strange and unexpected and come in all forms!   Music, artists, places, friends, animals, subjects, causes…  Everything that your heart leaps to and gets excited about, is leading you in the right direction.  Fear and doubt will cause you to ignore those signs and you’ll get off track.  Don't let them.

The voice of your heart speaks loud and clear.  I have found that the more you listen to your heart the louder it speaks.  It is like a muscle that grows stronger with use.  Most people have their mind as the main voice in their head with their heart a faint whisper in the background.  The more you take risks on behalf of your heart, the more those voices start to trade places.  The voice of your heart will start to speak over the limiting thoughts of the mind.  It may not be easy at first, but the rewards will be worth it!  Know that you will be supported in whatever you put your whole heart in.