OM Soul Screen Printing Training

$ 300.00

For the crafty Boss Babe!

If you have always wanted to learn to print your own designs but are overwhelmed on where to even start, well, you've come to the right place!

I taught myself to screen print in 2011 and have been through ALL the trial & error in the world in learning this new skill.  I watched videos, read manuals, but over time I created MY OWN special screen printing technique WITHOUT a machine.  Though I have made all the mistakes (some of them very expensive) I definitely crafted my own unique process that is easy, eco-friendly and best of all PORTABLE!  I have also been teaching HS for 14 years, so if there is one thing I am excellent at, it's teaching.  Let me tell you, you have to make material entertaining and easy to digest when teaching teenagers!

In this package not only will I supply you with ALL the materials needed to start your screen printing business, but I will thoroughly teach you how to screen print on your own.  I want you to leave training with me completely confident in your own skill where you won't need to rely on me any longer.  Though I will always be here for you!  Literally, always.  It'll be like our own special Boss Babe Gang.

Training Includes:

Creating a design either on your computer and/or hand-drawn - We will work together on your first design and I will walk you through the design process.  Learning about typography, stock images, vector websites, etc., until you have the perfect design.

How to prepare your design for print - Making sure lines are clear & thick enough if hand-drawn and how to perfect the letter & image spacing for print.  Choosing the right transparencies to use for your printer type and the best printer setting to the get the clearest burn.  

Screen prep training - The best size & brand of screen to get (your first one is included in training price).  How to prep your screen.  What is photo emulsion?  How to properly blend photo emulsion for optimal burn & applying the photo emulsion to a new screen.  How to store a fresh screen.

Screen burning - One of my favorite parts you guys!  I will supply you with your own portable light room.  How to set up any room to burn a screen.  What light bulbs work best.  How to properly line up your design on the screen.  Figuring out the correct height of your light source to the screen.  Most important of all, optimal burn time!  There is a magic number for this and I have figured it out!

Prepping a screen for printing - Washing out photo emulsion correctly, troubleshooting & perfecting the washing out process, how to quick fix an imperfect screen, when to call it in & start again! Knowing when the screen is ready to print!

Wholesale license - We will outline the process for obtaining your own resale license.  It is a different process for every state but most you can do right online.  While you wait for your paperwork to process, we can use my wholesaler.

Printing - The most fun and tricky part.  Practice, practice, practice first!  We will be practicing the different techniques I use to print a variety of designs.  We will figure out what method works best for your design and also figure out what printing tool fits you ergonomically.  I found that the traditional squeegee doesn't work for everyone.  We will make sure you master your personal technique BEFORE we print on a blank.  We will also figure out the right size shirt barriers to keep ink from staining the other side and maintaining a smooth print.  This is KEY!  (Another one of my tricks!)

Ink - There are a ton of different water-based inks and I've tried them ALL.  Like, all of 'em.  Whether you are sticking to black and white, metallics, bright colors or pastels, I've got all the tricks on the best inks and how to mix inks to get just the right color.  

Drying and heat-setting your shirts - It's easy to get impatient and this is the riskiest part because it's so easy to ruin a shirt here.  Once fully dry, I have found the EASIEST way to heat-set a shirt.  Though it is sometimes the most time-consuming part, if a shirt is not heat-set properly, the ink will not last as fresh/bright as long.

1-on-1 Coaching - I will be there every step of the way to support you and guide you through the process via text, dm, phone call and/or FaceTime!

The technique I've created and refined over the past 6 years is 100% eco-friendly and earth conscious.  I use only water-based inks and there are no harsh chemicals throughout the entire process which is rare for screen printing.  No plastic-based inks, nothing harmful going down any drains, no fumes, nothing!

My favorite part of this technique is that it's portable!  At home, I keep all my supplies out of sight in a little trunk.  I only use my kitchen to work.  Minimal set-up and easy clean-up.  You can also travel with this screen-printing technique.  Pack it all up and take it with you because as long as you have a table and a sink you're good to go!

Materials that will be needed (purchase on your own, or I can do it for you): 

  • Your first screen printing frame, typical size is 10X14 for most designs
  • Squeegee
  • Smaller printing tools
  • Craft Sticks
  • Fabric Inks
  • Photo Emulsion
  • Sensitizer
  • Photo Emulsion Remover
  • Exposure Lamp
  • Photo Flood Light Bulb
  • 6-pack of transparencies
  • Tshirt printing barriers cut to fit your design

Things that you will have to get are pretty minimal:

  • Black poster board
  • Newspaper
  • A clear glass to fit the top of your screen (they're a few bucks at any hardware store)
  • Extra hangers
  • An iron
  • A tripod to hold up your flood lamp (we can "make" one easily out of household items!)

These are optional but might be useful to get at some point:

  • Design software such as Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop (or similar)
  • A steamer for clothing with a stand
  • Professional camera and some friends (or friends with a professional camera) to shoot your designs

You really don't need much else.  A printer or access to a printer is handy for printing your designs onto the transparencies.  You'll need access to a sink and basic cleaning supplies.  Most anything else you may need you'll have laying around your home.  Like I said, I've made this process as minimal and cost-effective as possible.  The start up materials and instruction will still cost you WAY less than getting a professional screen printing machine or table!

So, if you're still reading and still into it, then lets get to work!  I know it may sound like a lot, because it is, but once you learn and have some practice, you'll find it's really not as overwhelming as it sounds.  The learning process should only take us 2 weeks or less depending on your schedule.  Most of our 1-on-1's will be done over the phone but preferable via Facetime or something similar.  You'll receive each step a chunk at a time so it's not scary and we will go at your pace!  Let's master each step before moving onto the next one.  There will also be detailed instructions sent via email and lots of videos as well.

Training will officially start when YOU are ready!

NEW: I can send you a shopping list & you can get the items yourself at your local craft & arts supply store & amazon. That way you can buy the items as you need them instead of all at once!

Price of training alone: $300

Materials: Varies but will likely be less than $150

Total: $450

I will only take a small handful of trainees at a time, so if it is sold out, send me an email and I'll put you on the waiting list for when a spot opens up.