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Giving Tuesday November 28 2017

For #givingtuesday I'd like to spotlight the work that Little Love Rescue does. Founded & run by Brittany Littleton, this organization takes in countless animals that were either abandoned to die in the streets or at shelters. She gets them the medical care they need and finds them forever homes. 

What To Do When Your Heart Tells You To Do Crazy Sh*t November 22 2017

Well, the short answer is, you do it.  If your heart is speaking loud and clear and you can feel the rightness of it in every fiber of your being, do it.  Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about why you should and how to get past the FEAR that inevitably comes along with it.  Following your heart and may be the most difficult thing you do, but also the most important.  To fulfill our destiny is what will bring us ultimate happiness.