Treasure March 04 2019

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”


― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


One of my favorite books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I was barely a chapter in before I knew that I was reading something really special. I even immediately bought copies for my mom and closest friendship. I felt everyone needed to receive the message of this story.


I won’t ruin any of the book for those of you who haven’t read it, instead I’ll urge you to get your own copy. Make some time for yourself and submerge yourself in the magical journey of Santiago on his way to find his treasure. In the past year or so, I have had to go back to this book. The life lessons are invaluable.  I’ve gone back to re-ignite my courage to continue to fearlessly follow my heart.


The Alchemist was originally published in Portuguese in 1988. In 1993 it was published in English and immediately made the work an “overnight” success. It remains on several best-seller lists every year. The author, Paulo Coelho’s other books are also full of magic and insight as well. I recommend them all.


But this isn’t just a book recommendation. While I was reading this book (almost 10 years ago now) I made many revelations about how to live life. I was confused about my path.  I’d already achieved all the dreams I had as a little girl and was becoming restless in my near-perfect life. Selfish I thought. How could I possible want more? I’ve gotten to do everything I’ve ever dreamed of, how could my heart not be satisfied?


I wrestled with this for a long time. I made myself feel bad for wanting more. It’s not that I didn’t love and was grateful for all that I had. I had a wonderful career, a beautiful beach apartment, plenty of abundance to spend on whatever I wanted and more.  I loved my life! But I couldn’t help feeling a tug at my heart. A gut feeling telling me that there was more I was meant to do.


I used to fight the way I felt. After a really great day at work I’d tell myself, ‘see, isn’t this everything you’ve ever dreamed of? And the simple answer was, yes. Yes, I loved my job, I loved coming home to the beach and my dog & kitties and my adorable place with every amenity… Guilt was an every day struggle. I tried to tell myself that my dreams all came true. I’d arrived. This was it, deal with it. This went on for a few years.


And I can tell you that I started to resent myself. I got bored at my job, this job I’ve always wanted. I started to accept that this is how things were. When I would write in my journal, I knew there was something calling out to me. But what? I wasn’t letting myself into my own heart! I wasn’t listening. I was so far removed from that voice that it began yelling.


Fast forward to my life now: I left my ‘dream’ job almost 2 years ago, my glorious little beach apartment and the life that I knew. I’m creating my life as I go along, being supported by the Universe every step of the way. I’ve lived more richly in the past few months than I have in a long time. I know that I will have everything my hearts desires in time. I’m allowing myself to follow my heart and be pulled toward my new dreams as they are coming true as a rapid pace.  


That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned; once your dreams come true, you get to move on to bigger better dreams. I’m already looking ahead to what dreams I’ll make come true once these have come to fruition. But I’m in no rush. My dreams are unfolding perfectly and on their own time. Like Santiago in The Alchemist, I trust that as long as I keep following my heart, I will be lead to my treasure.