Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Soul February 21 2019

I can’t say that I have ever found “the secret to miracles” but I know that I have been a co-creator with Universe many times.  Every time, the essential ingredients were trust, surrender and all the love you have inside of you.  All of it.  Every drop.

About ten years ago, I was awakening to my true purpose and the right people, books, situations and opportunities found me.  One of the most miraculous was on a Monday afternoon about 3 years ago.  I happened to wander into a used bookstore and while meandering through I stopped at the books on spirituality and religion.  I was just beginning my journey and so I was intrigued by every book I picked up.  One of them in particular grabbed my attention, A Course in Miracles.  I opened the book up to the first page and read, “There is no order of difficulty in miracles.”

I continued to read and everything about this book grabbed at my heart and soul.  But I couldn’t buy it.  You see, I hadn’t brought my wallet with me.  I’d just dropped my pup off next door for a grooming and didn’t expect to do any shopping.  So I went home and figured when I returned for pick-up, I’d stop at the bookstore and buy my book.  But when I went back just a little bit later, the store was closed.  I was so confused, it was still early afternoon, and then I saw the sign on the door: Closed Mondays.  …Wait.  

I still have no idea why the store was open for just a short time that Monday afternoon, but it doesn’t matter because I found The Course.  I got the book the next day and began reading.  It’s not an easy read, but even still, it speaks to something deep inside me.  My brain processes the information slowly, but my heart gets it right away.  About a year later I began to find all the wonderful teachers of The Course like Gabby Bernstein and Marianne Williamson and was introduced to their books.

And all of a sudden I realized there were miracles abound!  Some in that grand miraculous way where it seemed like the heaven’s opened up, light shined down on you and angels began to sing.  But most were just really awesome “coincidences”, which seems to be a very human ego word to mask what coincidences actually are, MIRACLES.  Full-fledged, heaven opens up, light shine down on you, angels singing all around you miracles.  To recognize that, is to invite more in.

If I can offer any advice on how to see the miracles already around you and to invite more in it would be this: open your mind, open your heart and open your soul.  Sounds easy right?  Well, it depends!  You have to let go of any control freak issues you might have.  And let me tell you, I am a MAJOR control freak!  The past few years I have been a huge lesson in letting go.  The less we try to control the outcome, the more we are showing the Universe that we TRUST it.  And the Universe’s version of what you want to happen is bigger and better than you can ever imagine.

Stop weaving and see how the story improves.” ~Rumi

The first step: Open your mind.  Stop thinking that things should be “this” way or happen “that” way.  Better yet, stop thinking.  Be present.  Show up for your life moment by moment.  If you find yourself slipping away into thinking and fading out of the vibrancy of the present moment, bring yourself back.  It happens, just take a deep breathe, don’t beat yourself up over it and realize how awesome it is that you are even standing where you are.  That billions of years of our Universe growing and thriving has led to your very existence.  That in itself is a miracle!  

Step Two: Open your heart.  In your vulnerability you will find your true power.  Living with an open heart sounds scary.  More things can hurt you if you take those protective walls down.  And well, they will.  My open heart has been broken a millions times; when I learn about the cruelties, injustices, violence and suffering against humans, animals and our planet, my heart breaks.  It breaks and becomes even more open.  When it heals, it is stronger than before.  Your beautiful open heart isn’t just for the world but also for YOU.  Trust your heart; it will lead you to your destiny.  It will invite miracles.

Step Three: Open your soul.  This one, I can’t really tell you how to do.  It just happens.  But you have to surrender all control.  Put your complete faith and TRUST into something greater, into the things you love and into your dreams.  Trust them with unwavering faith.  

“Certainty is the greatest manifestor.”   

And then who knows, you may find yourself surrounded by a sisterhood of new friends and soul mates, or maybe standing at the top of ancient ruins in India or even caring after injured and blind elephants in Thailand.  Those things all happened to me and more.  Ten years ago I would have NEVER imagined that those things could have happened or that THIS would be my life.  

But I am here and I can say with unwavering faith, I believe in miracles.