Go Where Your Heart Leads You January 06 2020

"She believed a great happiness awaited her somewhere, and for this reason, she remained calm as the days flew by."

~Gyula Krúdy

I have always had a stubborn heart. When I want something, I go after it. I let my heart lead. That's not to say I don't have fear, doubts and am CONSTANTLY overthinking, because oh I do! It just means I push forward even though I'm scared. Even if I don't know what the outcome is going to be. Even though I might fail. 

I've also had the limiting belief that great sacrifice must be made on the road to following your heart and dreams. That you can only work on one thing at a time and sacrifice everything you need to in order to get to where you want to go. Want to start a business? Great! Get rid of everything you own to build this new empire. 

But, who says you can’t have it all?

Then one day a thought popped into my head, "who says you can't have everything?" Wait, what?! Me? I can't have everything already?! You mean right now? No, I must make sacrifices! But the voice continued very simply, "trust". I started to cry. 

I realized that my thinking was rooted in lack. How was I ever going to create a life of having it all when I believed I could only have a little bit at a time? I'd end up making sacrifices and waiting for that fateful day to arrive forever. 

I began to see clearly. 

I have always made my dreams come true. I know in my gut that what I am meant to accomplish in life is going to happen. I know it with complete certainty. So why am I not fully trusting myself or the Universe? 

It’s time to accept that new opportunities are being offered to me. To accept abundance. I have to let my old ways of thinking die and receive all the blessings coming my way. So while the shop may be closing, I am saying yes. Yes to the new endeavors, to new dreams coming true and to accept the fact that I can indeed have it all. It's not my job to worry about how all the other things are going to happen. They are. In fact, most of them are happening right now!

I was following my heart when I created OM Soul Shop. I have loved doing it. Learning to print on my own by trial and error in my kitchen was one of the most humbling experiences. The joy of creating a new design, seeing it come to life AND THEN seeing it worn by people out in the world is a feeling I can’t even describe. It’s amazing. It truly makes me feel like I could do anything. I have been empowered by starting a business from scratch in a field I had ZERO knowledge of. I made it work and I had a blast doing it. But the call to move on to other things, to follow my heart in new directions, has been too loud to ignore.

I hope, if anything, I have added a bit of color and inspiration to all the friends I have made through OM Soul Shop. Whether you ever bought anything or not. I will forever be grateful to everyone that has supported the shop in any way. I promise to continue to add fun and value through this avenue I’ve created. I will continue to post on social media regularly and blog here when my heart calls. 

The actual website will continue on! Services will remain on here since it’s all remote work and I want to share the knowledge I have attained. Screen-printing is one of the most useful skills I have and am surprised as to how often (outside of the shop) I end up using it! Design services are also available. I will also continue to design whenever inspiration strikes. I will have limited-edition releases available here when that happens. I don’t have a schedule for that and not sure when or how often that will happen. But for now, I am currently creating a fun design for all my starry-eyed babes. It will be released sometime this month. 

As for all the old designs and goods, today (1/06) is the official end. They will no longer be available. It’s an end to a wonderful era! From seeing my shirts on friends around the world to the one and only Britney Spears dancing with her beau in a classic OM Soul ‘yoga is magic’ crop top, this has been a wild ride! One I could have never seen coming. A blessing. And I have learned SO MUCH. 

I will forever be grateful and hold everything this shop has brought to me and taken away from me. All the wins. All the losses. I’m forever changed by it all. Forever thankful. Especially for all my friends, I’ve made. We will continue to be friends and I will always have your back. I love each and every one of you. 

So, the shop is closing. What’s next? Anything. EVERYTHING! There is so much to do. I will keep you updated on all the cool adventures I’m on to next. And please, continue to support small businesses. Start them if your heart leads you in that direction. Maybe it will be a fun side gig or maybe you end up building an empire. Maybe it’ll lead you to new incredible places you could have never dreamed of going. I will be rooting for you. Always. 

~Brenda, your humble designer, and screen printer