31 Days of Giving Challenge December 01 2017

OMies! It starts today!

Our #31daysofgivingchallenge. I started doing this challenge for myself in Dec of 2009 and that month transformed my life! I’ve been doing it ever since and this year I’m inviting all of you to play along! 

Every day for the month of December we are encouraging everyone to do one small generous act. We know that even the littlest kind gesture can have a big impact and every day can be different.

There’s a million things you can do:

  • leave a note for someone you love
  • donate old clothes
  • pay for the coffee of the person behind you
  • volunteer with an organization you love
  • love bomb (flower & sweet note) a few cars in a parking lot
  • leave post-its with positive messages in the mirrors of a public restroom
  • call an elderly relative just to say hi, send a postcard to an old friend
  • donate $5 (or more) to a charity whose work you admire
  • send the neighbors a gift of something you grow in your yard
  • collect old blankets to take to an animal shelter
  • maybe just listen to someone who needs it that day

Those are just a few examples.  There are so many ways to give. Just once a day. December is FULL of some type of "drive" too which makes it easier! Food drives, clothes drives, toy drives, coat drives...

I also encourage you to do at least one day where that recipient is YOU. You can’t give from an empty cup and you yourself are just as deserving to receive your own generosity this month. Self-care it up!

I'd love to have everyone play along and share their experiences throughout the month. 

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There’s no need to post every day unless you want to. I’ll be sharing some of your posts & stories throughout the month. And you know I’ll be giving you guys some surprise goodies as well!  

What you put out is indeed what you receive. Especially when done from the heart and with conscious intention. In fact, it's an infinite loop of love, kindness, compassion and generosity. It has a ripple effect same as if you drop a small stone in a pond.

The love you put out, continues in all directions from you.